Time runs fast, and the first six weeks of school has already finished. When I begin to teaching as a leading teacher,I knew the first six weeks is very important for the whole school year. It present us with a wonderful opportunity to help students transaction smoothly back into school routines and start to connected with each other.

So I set up routines in Chinese for my students to follow. The routines exist everywhere. The routines come with word directions that we repeated everyday. For our classroom, in the carpet we have :”双腿双腿盘盘坐,眼睛眼睛看老师,嘴巴嘴巴不说话,举手举手答问题。”it means sit with cross legs, eyes on teachers, hands up to answer questions. As the routines set up well the classroom manage becomes much more easier and students are more focused because they feel safe and become more confident in the familiar environment.

In a word the first six weeks is a challenge but both my students and me did a great job. With the routines set up, I am sure we can be more creative in the future.



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