Unforgettable Experience 

Hong Lei, the General Council of Chicago Embassy of China is coming to visit our Confucius Institute this week, and blizzard hits Saint Cloud at the same day.

Because of the bad weather, their visit to our school is cancelled. Both my students and me are very disappointed. But then I went to the Panel and received a lot of inspiration thoughts. After the lecture, we went to have dinner with the Council group. They are all very patient and treat me like family. We all felt welcome and belonging together. 

I will treasure this memory forever!


Academic Choice

Since my students are all get the routines well, I begin thinking to challenge themselves. So the method of Academic Choice is just right.

When we build a safe and supportive community and then offer students guieded choices about their academic learning, they frequently choose work that’s neither too easy nor too difficult, but just challenging enough to be engaging and motivating. Academic Choice is a structured way of giving children these kinds of confidence and competence-building experiences. 

So next week I plan to provide them a lot of task that they can choose and finish by their own.


Culture Experience 

As a Chinese teacher, introducing cultural customs is just as important as teaching literacy itself. But being in America I experienced cross culture more than just one way teaching.

Respect each other’s culture is the basic rule to teach. So this week I had a wonderful American Halloween experience. 

I can not explain Americans enthusiasm about Halloween and their fond of pumpkin but I am really enjoy the spirit of celebrating each holiday seriously and always treat children with joy. 

We learned the life cycle of a pumpkin in Chinese. And made paper pumpkins in the class. Once my students felt their holiday is welcomed by me. They will more accept to learn my culture too.



Last two weeks we have 8days in total. Because of the MEA conference. So we reviewed the pinyin and build new games to make the review not as boring as it used to be.

The purpose of the game is to remenber the Chinese characters. So I divide 5people in one group. Four of them are making characters by their body. And the other is guessing what is the character. All the students is very concentrate and creative. They love the game very much.

The other game is much easier. Using blocks to build the characters. I think the game can also played by the playdoo.

Anyway, as long as the game can help students to remember what they learned, it’s a good game. I am trying to be more creative.