Stroke Orders

When you starting to learn Chinese, you will find out to pronounce it out is not difficult (many people can say:Ni Hao) but later you will find the Chinese writing system is complex. Some think as long as they can write the character, the stroke order is not important. People only read your words not read your writing procedure. That true but stroke orders are  very important too. It shows the evolvement of the character changes through years and it also can helps learners to understand the natural flow of characters. It will eventually helps you to form the right writing habits too.

I want to share some of the tips below:

1 Top to bottom 

2 Left to right 

3 Symmetry counts 

4 Horizontal first, vertical second

5Enclosures before content

6 Close frames last

7 Character spanning strokes last

Anyway ,if you form the correct stroke order writing habits all the characters you  learned you will find them easy. Practice makes prefect.


Morning Meetings

As we all know students and teachers crave a certain amount of predictability and routine in the school day, especially at the start of the day. The format of morning meetings provides this predictability while allowing room for variations and change. Meetings reflect the style and flavor of individual teachers and groups. They also reflect the ebb and flow of a school year’s season-like right now is December’s pre-vacation excitement. I adjust the morning meetings from the design of my smart board to the context of the activity. That helps a lot to clam the students down while maintain the spirit of the holiday at the same time.