New Beginning

After last year’s observation, I become the leading teacher in the First Grade this year.I have been teaching in China for seven years in Elementary school, but still I am afraid at the new beginning because teaching in China and in the US is totally different. But one month later here I am to telling you, I am doing well.

Observation helps a lot. “How to manage the classroom, how to address the context, how to form routines”  Seeing experienced teacher working on that gives me a whole basic picture.

Building relationships with students can help create a safe and trust learning environment which students benefits most.

Based on the two helpful points my class is doing great. And students are all motivated to learn both Chinese and Chinese culture. In September my class made paper mooncakes and experience the Mid-Autumn Festival by hear stories and watch videos. We also practice the famous Chinese song “Mo Li Hua”. And learned how to write panda in Chinese.

1008_11008_1 (1).jpg

My students like the cross culture event and I plan to have more activities to make them feel connected.